Inane Ramblings by Art Kedzierski

Hello again!

Aug 7, 2020 | General

So, the time has come to abandon corporate social media (i.e., Facebook), perhaps for a while, perhaps forever. The state of the world has left me in a state of heightened general anxiety and low-grade depression. And Facebook isn’t helping. It’s bad enough that I’m a compulsive newsie; the echo chamber that Facebook creates may keep me in touch with my like-minded friends and family, but it also incessantly reminds me of the issues that are keeping me in this mental state.

SO… Like my friend Mark, I shall retreat to my private site where I control the feed and the participants. Here I shall continue to post my socio-political rants, re-post things that amuse me, and keep in touch with my closest confidants. I might even resume video blogs as I did on my Inane Ramblings YouTube feed.

If you are seeing this, congratulations! You found me again! Hopefully, I will as well.